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Welcome to our world

of precision and excellence

in piano lessons,

where we will guide you to reach

the highest musical standards.

Discover the magic of our Orff lessons,

a joyful and imaginative playground

of rhythm and creativity.

MuseSync Studio
by Ivan Kolar

     205-223 West Broadway, Vancouver BC

About Ivan Kolar

Ivan began his musical journey in Croatia, where he obtained his Master's degree in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy. This accomplishment was guided by Professor Marina Ambokadze, a renowned expert in the LISZT-ZILOTI piano technique and an artistic adviser to pianist Ivo Pogorelić. In 2008, he started working as a Piano Professor at the Varazdin School of Music. His students have graced stages across Europe, performing as soloists or with orchestras, excelling in both domestic and international piano competitions, securing over 50 gold awards throughout his career in Croatia. Upon relocating to Vancouver, Ivan further enriches his teaching profession by becoming a faculty member at the well-known Dio Piano School. In 2023, his students achieved a remarkable results by winning eight gold medals, with two of them earning the highest marks and becoming laureates in their categories at both the BCCM and Sea to Sky International Music Festivals.

Founder of MuseSync Studio

Programs at MuseSync Studio

At MuseSync Studio, your musical evolution begins with Ivan – your friendly, fun-loving, and uniquely creative teacher! Dive into tailored lessons that groove to your rhythm, exploring engaging teaching methods specially designed for your musical journey. Ivan’s approach is about unlocking your potential with tailored repertoire and crafty technical exercises infused with just the right dose of music theory to fine-tune your skills. Beyond the keys, Ivan is your guide, navigating through RCM levels and piano competitions, sculpting a well-rounded musical education. With his infectious enthusiasm and a supportive atmosphere, your musical growth becomes a thrilling adventure!

Start your preschooler’s musical journey on the right note with our playful Orff lessons, designed to spark creativity and self-expression. Orff lessons establish the groundwork for future exploration of solo instruments. Your child will develop crucial musical skills such as pitch, rhythm, harmony, and the ability to read and write musical notes. The fun never stops! From engaging in group activities to experimenting with various sounds, rhythms, and melodies using their voice, body beats, and playing a variety of percussion instruments.  Set the stage for your preschooler’s musical odyssey where they discover music as a form of play, while having an absolute blast!

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Petar Poljak 
D. Scarlatti: Sonata F Major K17
Mentor: Ivan Kolar

Adam Brezni 
D. Scarlatti: Sonata C Major K309
Mentor: Ivan Kolar

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205-223 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, V5Y 1P5

Davor Matacic, CRO

“I have known Ivan since his days as a student at the renowned Varazdin School of Music in Croatia. Even then, it was evident that he was a highly talented and promising young pianist. Following his graduation from the Zagreb Music Academy, he assumed the role of a piano teacher and accompanist, marking the beginning of his musical journey.  As the principal of the school, I observed his professionalism as an effective pedagogue, adept at attracting young people to classical music. Even less motivated students experienced the joy of playing the piano under his guidance. Ivan's knowledge of piano literature is extensive, enabling him to connect with each student personally. In addition to his professional commitment, noteworthy characteristics such as diligence, hard work, loyalty, persistence, and patience set him apart. While his decision to relocate to Canada was a significant loss for our school, it undoubtedly benefits his future students in Canada. Given the mentioned qualities, I highly recommend Ivan to anyone aspiring to play the piano.“

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